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The One held the NATION’S ONLY 100% pass rate from 2012-2015?

From the inception of the tutoring program in 2012, each and every social worker that has completed our coursework, passed their masters and clinical exams.  This record-setting run, however, came to an end in 2015 when a client did not pass her exam in South Carolina however, that same individual used our program to later pass her exam.  Thus our current pass rate is 99%.  But for 3 years-we were unblemished!

The One is available for *FREE?

Clients of The One Test Prep are invited to become a tutor with us once they pass their respective exams. For example, if a client has purchased 10 hours of tutoring for $450 then decides to become a tutor with us after, that client (now TEAM member) works as a tutor for 22.5 hours to earn back the $450 spent. Any tutoring after that is ALL PROFIT. That’s right. We pay you. There is no other test prep provider in the nation that offers anything close to this. We are The One with the *free program.

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The One hosts FREE college mini workshops?

The One is committed to helping graduate school students that are preparing to take their license exams.  We have already delivered this awesome no cost course to schools like Clark Atlanta University, University of Georgia, Alabama A&M, and Georgia State University.  We have plans to add many more in the near future.  If you would like to have one at your favorite college or university please complete the contact us form with your details.

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The One Vs. Other Programs

(Information below is from a 2015 article published in Social Work Helper Magazine)

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