Most people have sight…few have vision.


You can’t predict the future but you can see it…

Visualization is a tool that many clinicians use to help athletes, entertainers, therapy clients, and others see themselves as already having achieved their goals.  You use it too.  It is a critical as we transition from dreams to reality. Having a vision, seeing what you truly desire for yourself or others is one step.  The next is to find it inside yourself to do the work to get there.  One thing that we train our clients to do at One Love Counseling is to ensure that the vision is complete and that the work you do each day is in alignment with that vision because this translates into purpose.  Once you have that-you can not be stopped.  So see your vision.  Hold your vision.  And get moving now so that you achieve your vision.

Your vision is the vehicle-it only moves when you drive it!