1.To help myself remember information that I’ve been introduced to in a class, I
2.When reading a story, I
3.When I buy something that requires assembly, I
4.My favorite classes are those in which
5.When I need to go to an unfamiliar location, I
6.If I were learning a foreign language, I would prefer
7.When I have free time, I relax by
8.If I meet someone new at a party, I
9.When assigned a class presentation, I would most likely
10.In a math class, I am most comfortable with
11.When I misplace something, I
12.When remembering a past event, I
13.If I have to spell an unfamiliar word, I
14.When working with classmates on a group project, I tend to
15.When I visit a museum, I get the most out of
16.When flying, I
17.When buying a new computer, I would most likely make my choice by
18.I would find the following career most appealing
19.If I were teaching a class, I would
20.When taking a study break, I most likely