“It was a tailored experience with The One Test Prep to go through my social work license exam. This was my seventh time taking this exam in the past 14 years. I put a lot of effort to prepare for the exam every time. I practiced hundreds of questions, took intensive preparation classes, purchased social work exam website materials and studied really hard in the past. But the preparations were not enough for me to pass the exam.  I searched the internet and accidentally found The One Test Prep one-on-one tutoring service. During the first half of my tutoring sessions, I really doubted the effectiveness as it focused on reading lots of materials and made flash cards. This made me to go through all the required concepts, digest and process them systematically. But it really took a lot of time to do the flash cards. The tutor taught me skills to read the questions and answer accordingly for five weeks.  I found that I was able to understand the concepts much clearer than previous years. My skills in reading the questions and answers properly were improved. I am thankful for what The One Test Prep taught me in preparing for my exam and I passed it.

Thank you so much for your time, effort, and trust.”