Tim MacGeorge LCSW-Bonita Springs, Florida

“I set my goal to get 135 on the exam and thanks to The One I ended up with a 136! I highly recommend Jason Adkins and his program, The One Test Prep. One week prior to my own exam scheduled last November (2015), I stumbled across Jason’s site after having been studying for quite a while using other (very helpful) resources. Even though I didn’t have the time to use his full range of services, I figured, “what could it hurt?!” We scheduled a one-time video chat session and Jason provided me with some very concrete tools and suggestions that — I believe — not only helped me to pass the exam, but to do so quite comfortably and with a score above my expectations. There are lots of exam prep services out there. If you’re preparing for the exam, Jason and his colleagues are worth a look!”


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February 12, 2016

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