Stacey Pacaloute LCSW – Miami, Florida

Being a newlywed, working full time, and in my last trimester of pregnancy, I was determined to take and finally pass this test. I had taken it twice before (the last time was over two years ago), I knew that I had to change my strategy to finally take and pass for once and for all. I was introduced to the one test prep and my tutor Gladys Andre, LCSW. I believe that the tutoring is the most important piece of this program. She was available to assist and answer any questions that I had. We gelled beautifully which paid off in me passing this test. Now I can concentrate on being a first-time mommy without the pressure of this exam looming over my head. I can finally say that I am licensed and ready to move on to my next phase in life worry free.

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April 14, 2017