Shirelle Dickerson LGSW – Baltimore, MD

When Baltimore, MD social worker Shirelle Dickerson failed her exam for the third time Nov. 12th she posted in a group that she was “crying her eyes out writing this post” and that she “felt like driving on the opposite side of traffic” when leaving the testing center. I read this and was genuinely concerned. I had spoken with her a few times before about preparing for her license and encouraged her still after she chose a different prep program. But after reading that post, I have to admit, I felt horrible. I reached out to her, let her know I felt her pain, she said we should talk.

Shirelle is a woman who’s life has thrown her many curves. From being a young parent and now grandparent, to the heartache of one of her children being incarcerated, it seems like the deck was often stacked against her. She was willing to be vulnerable enough to share many personal struggles she lives with. But perseverance is something she has built inside her. After picking herself up, we agreed that we would work together to ensure her results would be different this time. worked with her to harness that spirit into her exam. After 5 intensely engaging tutoring sessions, Shirelle went back and took her exam. Only this time, SHE PASSED!!!

I am personally overjoyed by her achievement. Shirelle won. She earned a promotion at her job contingent on her passing. Her victory has forever changed her life. I really believe this is a turning point and a milestone for her career and life. I am thankful she chose the right side of the road. It means the world to me that our program helped her win.

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  1. Comela

    This is awesome and I am in the exact same situation. How can I be tutored as well?


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April 14, 2017