Sheneika Alford LCSW – Greensboro, NC

Sheneika Alford is a North Carolina social worker who understands sacrifice. She is a wife, mother, and a determined individual who initially came to us in October 2016. Sheneika said she wanted to pass the exam in December, but as the holidays came around she understandably put off beginning our program. It was mid-December when she contacted us to begin. Her story is best told from this point in her own words:

“I felt so defeated after taking the exam and failing by one point on my first try. I studied intensely, before my 1st exam and when I went to take the exam I felt like only a quarter of the exam questions related to what I studied. I was devastated. I felt inadequate and I was shocked that I failed. I knew I had to pull myself together and try again. It was already difficult to study having a 2-year-old son which made me feel as if it would be more difficult to pass after feeling defeated the 1st time. I felt the need to get a study program because I couldn’t take any more chances with failing the exam. With so much riding on me passing I knew I needed to invest wisely. When I heard of I was reluctant to purchase the program because I felt that I knew the information and there was really nothing more they could teach me. But after reading the testimonials of others and the praise of the tutors that are offered I felt more confident to give it a shot! Thank God I did. My tutor Linda Franco taught me how to break the questions down, and what to look for when answering the dreadful First, Next, Best and Most questions. I am so thankful for the help of “The One Test Prep” and now I can get back to focusing my 2-year-old son!”

This time, her exam required 97 points to pass…she flew pass the mark with 104 points! Please take a moment to congratulate Sheneika Alford LCSW! She did it-and you will too!

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April 14, 2017