Shameka Cooley LCSW-Valdosta, Georgia

“I really believe in fate.. …so when a good friend of mine introduced me to Mr. Adkins to assist me in 1:1 tutoring for the Social Work Clinical Examination I was delighted. My friend was aware of the fact that I felt too defeated when it came to this exam and had almost given up on becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She talked about Mr. Adkins’ enthusiasm about his company, The One and how she felt I would benefit from this type of energy. When we met for the initial session, I knew I would pass the exam because she was right his energy was contagious. Mr. Adkins was patient with me as I dealt with daily personal and professional issues that sometimes seemed to outweigh my goal of one day becoming a LCSW. Thanks to fate, persistence, and great tutoring I passed the Clinical Exam within a year of receiving off and on tutoring sessions with The One!!” Shameka Cooley LCSW – Valdosta, GA


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October 23, 2014

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