Lauren Anzelone LCSW – Ayden, North Carolina

The hardest part is done! I have passed my exam with the help of The One Test Prep program! I graduated in May 2009, received my provisional license and started the journey of becoming fully licensed. However, my state made changes to the mental health system and I was shifted to a case management role within the agency I was with at the time. Thankful to have a job but I was not able to get my clinical hours. During this time I had not taken my exam so I would have to take the exam and pass prior to being able start the licensing process again. Life happened and timed passed. In January of 2016 things lined up for me to start the process again. I had wonderful support and many peers providing study material. It all started piling up and I was getting overwhelmed not knowing where to start without spinning my wheels. I connected with the peers on Facebook and was introduced to The One Test Prep. I looked at what it offered and signed up. I found a wealth of information organized in a manageable systematic approach. I strongly recommend The One Test Prep and utilizing all the resources!!!! Best of luck!!! You can do it!!!


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October 3, 2016

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