Keryl Cruickshank LCSW- Lake Buena Vista, FL

Keryl Cruickshank LCSW- Lake Buena Vista, FL
If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture of Keryl Cruickshank says it all. Dedicated to her family, has her hands really full, and juggles the responsibility of fulfilling many roles. With such a busy life, it’s a testament to her personal dedication that she visited and purchased our Comprehensive Self-Guided System to help her pass her social work licensing exam in Florida. She worked at her own pace (which was priceless) and she followed the system explicitly. After working through all of the modules and performing well on the final practice exam, she took and passed her clinical social work exam.
Here is what she had to say in a message to me after passing:
“Very grateful for your program as I studied to prepare for my LCSW exam. It was extremely beneficial. I needed 98 to pass and scored 113. I went into the test environment calm and confidently prepared. Thank you. Great prep program. I have already recommended it to the others who are working with my clinical supervisor here in FL.”
When I reached out to her about completing a post evaluation, she added, “Will try to get that to you…I was promoted to a supervisor position last week, so it’s an incredibly busy time.”
So like I said, this woman juggles it all. It feels amazing to have helped her knock one big thing off of her to-do list. Now she can focus more time and energy on what’s important.

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December 27, 2016

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