Doris Morgan LMSW – Dallas, Texas

Doris Morgan (Dee Wilkinson) is a social worker in Texas that has really paid her dues. She has worked in numerous settings, worn various hats, and had a myriad of job titles. Now she can add the title, licensed social worker to her career.

“After failing the ASWB Masters exam, I went in with emotions of feeling incomplete as a social worker, I had begun to second guess myself when I actually knew the material. Well I reached out to and was paired with an awesome woman by the name of Lynne Griffin Collier. This lady from day one met with me and knew off the top I was ready. I just didn’t know it. Mrs. Collier provided me with motivation and encouragement to stop second guessing myself. With Mrs. Collier’s reassurance, I had come back to life in feeling confident in my knowledge. She ensured my readiness every time she reviewed the material with me and with this I say “thank you Mrs. Collier for your motivation and words of encouragement.”

We say, thank you Doris…for trusting us and continuing to grow as a professional social worker. Please take a moment and recognize Doris for her hard work and commitment. It paid off for her. It will pay off for you too.

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April 14, 2017