Chantal Thomas LCSW – Pearl, Mississippi

Chantal Thomas​ is the kind of social worker that like many of us, does it all. Works for the VA serving those that serve this country (which I can’t thank her enough for). Mother of two busy body little boys. Smart as ever. And dedicated to growing as a professional. So it was a natural fit when she came to to get her clinical license and we paired her with Gladys Andre​ (who is such an honest and committed social worker herself and one of the most valued assets to our TEAM).

However, the best person to tell you about Chantal’s experience is Chantal so…

“I’m a busy mom of two boys that keep me running! I had so much going on in my life but knew I needed to take this test and needed to pass my test asap! It was a heavy burden I wanted to drop so I decided to try The One Test Prep and trusted in the process and Gladys Andre! The modules and practice tests were very helpful but the one on one tutoring was the best! Gladys was amazing and she helped me in so many ways! Gladys taught me so many techniques that helped me during and through the test! I kept saying to myself “What did Gladys say”, “Gladys said don’t do this or that!” Thank you so much!”

Social workers…congratulate Chantal on her awesome accomplishment. And keep in mind, you’re next!

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April 14, 2017