Bobby Williams LCSW – Mansfield, Louisiana

Bobby Williams first contacted about getting his clinical license so that he could join his wife who already has hers. He talked about how she has encouraged him along his path and that it was her that introduced him to our program.

Once he signed up, he chose Linda Lopez to train him and they got right to work. His 10 session package is our most complete and it turned out to be just what was needed. In fact, he said, “My tutor worked me on my specific learn style and that was a big help for me. I tested and passed after a ten-week tutoring course I am very happy with this service. My tutor was very professional and used our time very wisely. I am very pleased with this service and have already referred two people to this service.”

Bobby Williams is now Bobby Williams LCSW! Just go ahead and call him and his wife Worlita Jackson-Williams a SOCIAL WORK POWER COUPLE! Helping Louisiana residents have a healthier population one client at a time!


  1. Karen Whitnef

    How does an older person pass? I failed by 5 questions last time!

    • Jason Adkins


      Age is nothing but a number here. We work with you one on one to tap the knowledge that you have around social work. We build on what you know and introduce you to what you don’t know. We are ready to help when you are.


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April 14, 2017