Confusing. Confundido. In whatever language, the steps of Pakua are confusing. Especially as a white belt facing a blue belt. I persevered, I tried. Wonder what moment inspired the blog?  I am just trying to figure out why we make things so complicated?

Oh, ok- let me rewind. I’ve started taking martial arts. I’ve only taken a few classes of Pakua. But I always feel energized. I feel that following the 1-2-3 steps of the defense techniques, remembering which arm to punch with/which leg to kick with during which technique is…puzzling! Is it back leg kick, is that right? Am I supposed to step in first? And, the falling? Don’t get me started what it’s like to practice falling as a mom and as an adult. We do we need to do? Not think. It’s simple, but we make it complicated.

My fellow talented therapists, does this sound familiar? I remember trying to take the social work license exam- 3 times. I would blank out after the first sentence! I would start dreaming about my own situations and clients. But, whaaa??? You actually want me to read about it, and choose the correct hypothetical answer?

So, I realized to fall…practice falling…I need to do, rather than think. I need to identify which situations are simple, and, not to make them complicated. I need to know which situations are complicated, and, not make them simple. It’s called trusting yourself. Now I just have to apply that to all situations- don’t make simple tasks more complicated than they are! Choose that answer! It’s either wrong or right…nothing to lose!

Do you trust yourself? Do you have a form of therapy that you do weekly? Whether it’s running, talk therapy, meditation? If you don’t have a form of self-therapy, what would you like it to be? What are the barriers stopping you from giving yourself this time every week? How would this help you passing your exam and in your life?

And, I’ll get better at Pakua. I just have to keep at it.

This blog post is AUTHORED by Linda Franco, (with the grace of God…can call herself “LCSW”).

It was published by Jason Adkins for The One Test Prep.