Where would the greatest champion of our time be without audacity

Bold actions are rooted in it.  Facing fears require it.  Achievement, accomplishment, success-all of these are the product of one common factor-audacity. Muhammad Ali embodied not only this attitude BUT the work ethic to match it.  His courage was contagious and came at one of the most contentious times in American history.  He fought for his pride, his faith, and his people and there will never be another champion like him.  But did you forget that you have this same spirit in you? As we get older and more set in our ways, its easy to forget our own greatness.  Complacency, excuses, and distractions can move us far away from the truth of who we are.  Take a close look at each of your own accomplishments thus far.  You have done more than many thought you would.  Audacity made the difference.  And while Ali is no longer with us, his spirit lives on.

His light inspires us to have the audacity to shine our own!